Pastor Jacob Hanson

Who is the New Guy?

I hope this finds you well.  I am Pastor Jacob Hanson, and I am so excited to be here in the great town of Kasson serving both KUMC and PCUMC.  It has been the prayers of my wife and I for years that we would end up in a place like this where we can grow and thrive and serve the Lord as we have been called.  My wife, Rhianna, and I have been married for just over a year, and she works as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and she has a lovely singing voice.  I love all things outdoors and athletic based including sports, weightlifting, hunting, fishing, and hiking.  Feel free to ask me about any of these things, I love to talk and shoot the breeze!  Most importantly, however, I am an avid lover of Christ with a passion to see people transformed by His resurrecting power.  I love reading scripture, talking theology, and praying.  I have a heart for ministering to those who do not have a faith in Christ, and bringing them into the church.  I also have a passion for reaching men for Jesus, and showing that you can still be a manly man and love Christ.  My history as far as employment is concerned has been as a teacher and Youth Minister before receiving this appointment, which is my first.  Over the next few months I hope and pray that I will connect with you, and you with me.  I am thrilled to be your new Pastor, know that I am praying for you often.


Many Blessings on You and Yours,


-Pastor Jacob Hanson