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Why Celebrate the Birth of Christ?


It’s that time of year again.  For many of us it is a season of joy, filled with gifts, ham, and a bunch of time spent with family in a lead up to Christmas Day.  For others of us, it is a season of great hardship, filled with tense family relations, remembrance of a lost loved one, and a schedule filled to the brim with stress.  For the moment though, forget all that.  What is at the heart of a Christian’s Christmas celebration, and why do we celebrate the birth of Christ?  Are there actual meat and potatoes to it, or is it just an excuse for us to buy more stuff?  As it turns out, there is a huge reason for us as Christians to celebrate this season.  The reason we should celebrate Christ’s birth is because it leads directly to the cross, and our salvation.

In the book of Isaiah, an Old Testament book filled with prophecies about Jesus that was written circa 600 B.C., we read about some astonishing traits of the coming of Christ.  We learn that He will be born to a virgin (Isaiah 7:14), that He will dwell amongst us as both fully God and fully man (Isaiah 9:6), and that He will be pierced for our transgressions (Isaiah 53:5.)  Without getting into too much detail about prophecy, it is important for us to note that God’s plan was for His Son to come and dwell among us to be sacrificed for our sins… before being resurrected to establish His kingdom.  (Note:  There are many more prophecies about Jesus than just these few highlighted out of Isaiah!)  Jesus Christ is the absolute crux of the Christian faith, and it is a critical aspect of God’s plan of salvation for us for Him to be here with us in human flesh.  While the Lord could have descended down from heaven as a full grown man in majesty and royalty or something crazy like that, He instead chose to be born to a poor family in a manger.  (Luke 2:7)  The humility of our Lord, to be born as all of us are, should give you pause.  It should also give you pause to know that the Lord cares enough about you to be born as a human for you, to die a criminal’s death for you, and to raise you up with Himself to glory if you call on Him as your Savior.  The celebration of Christmas for a Christian does not stop at presents and family members, it is much greater than that.  It is a celebration that our Savior has come to make it possible for us to go home to eternity with Him, to make it so that we are not bound by our sins and failings from spending eternity with our Lord.  The birth of Christ leads directly to the cross, and to our salvation.  Without the birth of Jesus there is no crucifixion, no resurrection, and consequently no hope for us to be redeemed to our Creator.  Our salvation begins with Christ’s birth and ends with His resurrection.

No matter where you may be at this Christmas season, know that your Creator loves you.  He cares enough for you to be born as a human in a manger and to die on the cross for you.  He also promises to take you home with Him if you call on His name.  While the Christmas season is not easy for everyone, it does have merit.  So have a Merry Christmas, there is definitely a reason to celebrate.  If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact me or your local church pastor.  Know that we are praying for you.




Jacob Hanson

Pastor at Kasson/Pleasant Corners UMC

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