Pleasant Corners UMC
Pleasant Corners is located about half way
between Kasson and Dodge Center.
Physical Address: 21927 650th Street
Kasson, MN 55944 
Mail to:  801 5th Ave NW 
Kasson,  MN  55944

Community Service

Our outreach programs help us bring the gospels to life every month.

Teen Programs

Our youth programs help teens learn to navigate those toughest of years.

Faith Village Sunday School

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Kasson and Pleasant Corners 

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Youth Gathering at 
The Bridge
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Congregations of faith

 Sunday, July 5, 2020 at 10 AM
 Drive-In style Service at Kasson UMC!
Just pull into the parking lot - stay in your car - crack the windows or tune in to the FM Radio station Pastor Jake will share   

  Sundays at 10:00 AM            

​​July 5, 2020 - Drive-In Church will be at KUMC COMMUNION SUNDAY -                                    BRING YOUR OWN BREAD & JUICE
July 12, 2020 - Drive In Church will be at Pleasant Corners

ALSO- on Wednesdays join us for Wednesday Morning Coffee in the parking lot at KUMC - bring your own Coffee and Lawn Chair and then every Wednesday evening at 6:30 PM we will meet at KUMC to gather and do a "Drive-by Greeting" to a member or 2 that will be determined prior to that night. Again - stay in your cars - and join in the Greeting parade.

A message from Pastor Jake:

                                                              Plans Going Forward 

I am sure that many of you have been watching the news, looking at the updates from the governor, and maybe even reading articles posted by the Bishop wondering when we will return to in-person worship.  Well Beloved, the answer is that we will return to in-person worship this month, in June.  However, we will be doing so in a way that opens the door (no pun intended) for everyone to still feel safe, yet also worship together.  The plan is for us to worship outdoors, from within our cars for the near future.  The idea is that by doing this we can follow all of the recommendations from the top while still doing what we desperately need to do… be the physical body of Christ here in our community.  We will still have everything posted online via Facebook Live, so even if you are not able to or don’t feel safe worshipping in person, you will still be able to worship with us.

Here are some specifics about how all of this is going to work and function:

-We will be combining worship for the two churches to help ease logistics (tearing down and putting up stuff is hard in just an hour!).

-We will be switching between the two church locations, the schedule is listed in this newsletter and also on our website.

-I will be preaching from out of the bucket of a tractor, the back of a truck, off a hay wagon, etc.  The idea being that folks will be able to see and be seen, while still remaining safe.

-We will be holding communion in-person on the first of the month, but everyone is asked to please bring their own bread and juice.  We will bless the elements from afar, and everyone will take them in their own vehicles.

-Everyone is asked to please practice social distancing by remaining in their vehicles and maintaining appropriate distance.

-Offering will be taken by drop-box as everyone exits the parking lot.  We will still pray over our offerings each week.  Offerings can also still be mailed in or electronically deposited.  Talk to Dan Root (507) 271-5122 about this if you are interested.

-We will be sanitizing and handing out hymnals for folks to use in worship.  Each family is encouraged to keep their hymnal with them until we return to regular worship.  Singing will be done a little different to help tamp down spreading the virus.  Instructions will be given on this during worship, as singing is potentially a high risk activity if done normally.

-We will be foregoing some of the normal fellowship stuff for now on Sunday mornings such as coffee hour and the shaking of hands, but everyone is absolutely encouraged to bring their own coffee/treats and to wave at others during the time we would normally pass the peace.

-Unfortunately the buildings will have to be closed during the service… which means no restrooms.  Use the bathroom before you come worship😊

-If you are feeling ill, have been diagnosed, or are suspected to have it, please worship from home.

-If it is physically dangerous for me to preach from the bucket of a tractor/haywagon/truckbed, our back-up will be simply to use the FM transmitter.  This means that we will broadcast over the radio, and if you are in your vehicle nearby you will be able to receive it.  The only weather that would push me to use this option would be a severe hail/lightning storm.  Rain, mist, heat, or even snow, and you can expect to see me outdoors.

-Know that if anything changes we will be in contact with you, and even if nothing must change between now and our first outdoor drive-in worship, we will still be in contact.

Ultimately the plan is for us to worship in a way that is as safe, secure, comforting, and hope-filled as possible.  We are not trying to be divisive, nor are we trying to push any sort of political thought, we are simply trying to worship as the Lord has called us.  There is NO pressure for anyone who wishes to worship from home to come to the churches, nor is their any pressure for those who wish to come to instead worship at home.  Each person has to decide what is safest for them, and we all have to be respectful in the way we worship.  As always in the middle of this, we will be flexible and respond accordingly to any changes that come our way, and you will be kept in the loop.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns, I am in prayer for you often!

Many prayers, and God Bless!
Pastor Jake
(715) 225-9851


Kasson UMC

KUMC is located just 
three blocks west of the Kasson Pool
​ at 801 5th Ave NW, Kasson MN 55944

Our Mission Statement:

To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world

Pastor Jake Hanson

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